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Research Labs

Material Testing Lab

This lab is designed for hands-on rock strength and constitutive properties testing. Instrumentation includes a 220 KIP load frame and testing center and a tri-axial cell.

Production Engineering Lab

Provides materials to investigate produced fluid treatment and separation problems. Instrumentation includes:

  • Working pumpjack and separation system
  • Gas lift apparatus
  • Rolling ball and kinematic viscometers
  • Flash point testers
  • Wet test meters, various flow meters, hydrometers
  • Oil-in-water analysis
  • Produces water analysis
  • Weatherford EPS software laboratory sessions
  • Sand sieve analysis, gravel pack design
  • Specialized industry testing

Reservoir Engineering Lab

This is primarily a design laboratory where we have produced detailed studies of:

  • evaluation of hydrocarbons in place
  • reservoir mapping
  • reservoir description and fluid characterization
  • fluid flow porous media
  • material balance analysis applied to determination of original oil/gas in place
  • reservoir behavior/performance
  • recovery factor
  • reserves estimation (primary recovery)
  • pressure transient behavior, including draw down and build up analysis

Instrumentation includes:

  • Reservoir condition relative permeability apparatus
  • Polar planimeters
  • Plan plus digitizing software and analysis
  • Digitizing tablet
  • Light tables
  • Mercury free PVT system

Reservoir Mechanics Lab

This lab provides hands-on analysis for:

  • Core cutting and preparation
  • Grain size analysis and distribution
  • Reservoir characterization
  • Porosity, relative permeability, and absolute permeability
  • Liquid and gas permeability, fluid saturations
  • Flow potential and gravity effects
  • Wettability, capillary pressure, surface and interfacial tension
  • Complete evaluation of core data and sand packs.
  • SEM core analysis
  • Specialized industry testing

Instrumentation includes:

  • Core diamond drill presses and saws
  • Gas-Oil and Gas-Water relative permeability apparatus
  • Liquid and gas permeameters
  • Helium porosimeters
  • Micro–permeameter
  • Flash separator
  • Capillary pressure apparatus
  • Particle size analysis
  • Spinning drop interfacial tensiometer
  • Du Nouy Tensiometers
  • High pressure/high temperature core analysis
  • Fluoroscope
  • Core retort analysis
  • Digital furnace, vacuum ovens
  • Core resistivity, fluid resistivities
  • Centrifugal and soxhlet extraction
  • High accuracy liquid metering pumps
  • Gas booster pump
  • Reservoir characterization sand packs
  • PVT cells

3-D Visualization Lab

The lab is home to a computer that leverages atomic forces to align a three-dimensional space, filling mesh with faults and horizons in a 3-D seismic volume.

Improved Oil Recovery Lab

Instrumentation includes:

  • Reservoir condition waterflood apparatus
  • Mercury free, windowed PVT cell
  • HP gas chromatograph
  • High temperature/high pressure analysis
  • High accuracy liquid metering pumps
  • Gas booster pump
  • Foam generation and analysis
  • Specialized industry testing