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Research Labs

Material Testing Lab

This lab is designed for hands-on rock strength and constitutive properties testing. Instrumentation includes a 220 KIP load frame and testing center and a tri-axial cell.

Production Engineering Lab

Provides materials to investigate produced fluid treatment and separation problems. Instrumentation includes:

  • Working pumpjack and separation system
  • Gas lift apparatus
  • Rolling ball and kinematic viscometers
  • Flash point testers
  • Wet test meters, various flow meters, hydrometers
  • Oil-in-water analysis
  • Produces water analysis
  • Weatherford EPS software laboratory sessions
  • Sand sieve analysis, gravel pack design
  • Specialized industry testing

Reservoir Engineering Lab

This is primarily a design laboratory where we have produced detailed studies of:

  • evaluation of hydrocarbons in place
  • reservoir mapping
  • reservoir description and fluid characterization
  • fluid flow porous media
  • material balance analysis applied to determination of original oil/gas in place
  • reservoir behavior/performance
  • recovery factor
  • reserves estimation (primary recovery)
  • pressure transient behavior, including draw down and build up analysis

Instrumentation includes:

  • Reservoir condition relative permeability apparatus
  • Polar planimeters
  • Plan plus digitizing software and analysis
  • Digitizing tablet
  • Light tables
  • Mercury free PVT system

Reservoir Mechanics Lab

This lab provides hands-on analysis for:

  • Core cutting and preparation
  • Grain size analysis and distribution
  • Reservoir characterization
  • Porosity, relative permeability, and absolute permeability
  • Liquid and gas permeability, fluid saturations
  • Flow potential and gravity effects
  • Wettability, capillary pressure, surface and interfacial tension
  • Complete evaluation of core data and sand packs.
  • SEM core analysis
  • Specialized industry testing

Instrumentation includes:

  • Core diamond drill presses and saws
  • Gas-Oil and Gas-Water relative permeability apparatus
  • Liquid and gas permeameters
  • Helium porosimeters
  • Micro–permeameter
  • Flash separator
  • Capillary pressure apparatus
  • Particle size analysis
  • Spinning drop interfacial tensiometer
  • Du Nouy Tensiometers
  • High pressure/high temperature core analysis
  • Fluoroscope
  • Core retort analysis
  • Digital furnace, vacuum ovens
  • Core resistivity, fluid resistivities
  • Centrifugal and soxhlet extraction
  • High accuracy liquid metering pumps
  • Gas booster pump
  • Reservoir characterization sand packs
  • PVT cells

Petroleum Data Technology Consortium (PDTC)

The department of Petroleum Engineering at UL Lafayette is laying the groundwork for the establishment of a Petroleum Data Technology Consortium (PDTC) under the leadership of Dr. Boukadi and Dr. Seibi.  Initial efforts started last Fall when Emerald Surf Sciences signed an MoU with the university to provide Dr. Seibi's PhD student with a large database related to completion through drill-out technology using coiled tubing.  The PhD student will mine the data, use machine learning and conduct data analytics towards his PhD degree to develop an economical and practical procedure for hole cleaning through coiled tubing.  Dr. Seibi and Mr. Temani will be attending a workshop on machine Learning and Data Analytics in San Diego, CA to be held in January 9 -10, 2019.  The aim of the workshop is to introducing data analytics courses in the Petroleum Engineering curriculum and establish the PDTC in the department.  A new laboratory space (MDSN 134) will be the home of PDTC. It will house state-of-the art computers and graduate students working on machine learning and data analytics.

Improved Oil Recovery Lab

Instrumentation includes:

  • Reservoir condition waterflood apparatus
  • Mercury free, windowed PVT cell
  • HP gas chromatograph
  • High temperature/high pressure analysis
  • High accuracy liquid metering pumps
  • Gas booster pump
  • Foam generation and analysis
  • Specialized industry testing