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Petroleum Student Survival Guide

Tips for Success

Here at the Petroleum Department, we want to help you succeed as a student and as a young professional. Our faculty and staff are here to help with what ever you need. Be sure to take advantage of the resources available within the department, as well as across the University campus. These include academic advising within the department, the Student Career Development Coordinator, the Online Writing Lab, the Academic Success Center, scholarship opportunities, and, of course, our expert faculty.

Get to know your peers, as some of them will develop into colleagues and friends whom you will cherish long after graduation.

Develop relationships with your faculty members and take advantage of their knowledge and expertise, as some of them will transition into professional mentors whom you will call upon during the course of your career.

Stay informed about the department, college, and the University. Keeping up with current news and events on our sites will help you become connected.

Get involved. Students who are involved beyond the classroom are more successful academically, develop more friendships and connections, gain personal and professional experience, and involvement looks good on your resume.

UL Student Survival Guide

There's a lot you need to know to be successful in college, but sometimes it's difficult to track all of that information down. That's why the University built the Student Survival Guide. It has links to everything you'll need to be a super star while you're here.