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What does a petroleum engineer do?

You have many career options as a petroleum engineer. Some of these options include, but are not limited to:

  • Drilling Engineers: Collaborating with geologists and contractors in designing and supervising drilling operations, many of which are multi-million-dollar ventures.
  • Production Engineers: Developing processes and equipment to optimize oil and gas production. 
  • Reservoir Engineers: Working with a team to help determine ideal recovery processes, estimate the number of wells that can be economically drilled, and simulate future performance using sophisticated computer models.

As a petroleum engineer, you can travel across the world and explore the high seas, remote jungles, vast deserts, and mountain ranges to develop oil and gas reserves where no one has drilled before. Your job is to help boost energy production of countries around the globe, helping to elevate local and national economies. You can work in other countries and develop a deep understanding of new cultures, all while helping companies across the globe meet the demand for safe, affordable, and clean energy.