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Apprenticeship Program

The apprenticeship program exposes our undergraduate students to the latest industry research. Undergraduates work with the graduate students under the supervision of assigned mentors on their current on-going projects. The following is the list of students and assigned mentors:

Student Mentor
Anh Le—Senior Dr. Asadollah Hayatdavoudi
Allison Morency—Senior Dr. Abdennour Seibi
Cameron Mire—Junior Dr. Asadollah Hayatdavoudi
Student Mentor
Zane Kootsouradis—Senior Dr. Yin Feng
Cade Matherne—Senior Dr. Yin Feng
Brant Jones—Senior Dr. Abdennour Seibi
Allison Morency—Junior Dr. Abdennour Seibi
Cameron Mire—Sophomore Dr. Asadollah Hayatdavoudi
Anthony Lee—Freshman Dr. Yin Feng
Camryn Landry—Freshman Dr. Asadollah Hayatdavoudi
Dakota McGarity—Freshman  Dr. Mehdi Mokhtari
Student Mentor
Joseph Kravets—Senior Dr. Asadollah Hayatdavoudi
Peter Schexnayder—Senior Dr. William Chirdon
Brant Jones—Junior Dr. Abdennour Seibi
Cade Matherne—Junior Dr. Yin Feng
Allison Morency—Sophomore Dr. Abdennour Seibi
Cameron Mire—Freshman Dr. Mehdi Mokhtari
Austin Aucoin—Freshman Dr. Fathi Boukadi
Student Mentor
Garrett Thibodeaux Dr. Asadollah Hayatdavoudi
Cade Matherne Dr. Yin Feng
Stephen Au Dr. Asadollah Hayatdavoudi
Matthew Crawford Dr. Mehdi Mokhtari
Allison Morency Dr. Fathi Boukadi
Mattea Tingle Dr. Abdennour Seibi
Peter Schexnayder Dr. William Chirdon
Brant Jones Dr. Daniel Gang