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All specialty aspects of petroleum engineering that align with UL Lafayette Department of Petroleum Engineering faculty’s areas of expertise can serve as potential specialization areas for both course selection and thesis topics. Example areas of particular emphasis by the department include reservoir engineering, tertiary recovery, environmental engineering, computational fluid flow, drilling, process economics, and computer-visualization of petroleum systems.

An advanced degree in engineering is designed to provide the engineer an increased knowledge of engineering theory, system design, and the development of research and developmental skills for use in the solving of complex engineering problems.

The core curriculum for each department, when coupled with specialty courses selected by the student in concert with his/her committee, provides both specialization and a broad fundamental knowledge of the selected engineering discipline. Both thesis and non-thesis programs are available. Students are encouraged to pursue the thesis-based programs which provide a stronger educational experience this option provides due to the integration of formal courses with experimentation. This combination best prepares the student for practice within the various fields of engineering.

This program prepares its students for licensure or certification within the state of Louisiana. Please visit the list of licensure programs for important information if you plan to move out of state.