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The UL Lafayette Petroleum Engineering Department comprises laboratories and facilities that are very conducive to research and learning. Students have various opportunities to apply and practice the principles taught in a traditional setting through specialized laboratories equipped with various instruments.

In addition, students learn reservoir simulation using Eclipse platform, an industry standard software suite. Apart from that, the department has multimedia classrooms equipped with up-to-date software covering all facets of Petroleum Engineering.

The department attracts industry as well as state and federal agencies. Beside faculty and staff, the department uses graduate as well as undergraduate students to conduct research.

The labs are open from 7:30 AM to 5 PM on Monday through Thursday and from 7:30 AM to 12:30 PM on Friday. Student may request permission to access labs after hours from the appropriate faculty member. Below is the general information regarding the lab facilities.

Teaching Labs

Lab Name Location Contact
Drilling Engineering Madison Hall, Room 123 Mr. Randy Andres
Drilling Fluids Madison Hall, Room 119 Mr. Randy Andres
Petrophysics and Formation Evaluation Madison Hall, Room 132 Mr. Randy Andres
Production Madison Hall, Room 117 Mr. Randy Andres
Reservoir Madison Hall, Room 116 Mr. Randy Andres

Research Labs

Labs Name Location Contact
Petroleum Data Technology Consortium (PDTC) Madison Hall, Room 134 Dr. Fathi Boukadi
Barrier/Cement Madison Hall, Room 119 Mr. Randy Andres
Core Cutting Madison Hall, Room 126 Dr. Asadollah Hayatdavoudi
Improved Oil Recovery Madison Hall, Room 234 Dr. Mehdi Mokhtari
Optimization of Petroleum Systems Madison Hall, Room 227 Dr. Boyun Guo
Reservoir/Production Madison Hall, Room 116 Dr. Fathi Boukadi
Shale Laboratory Madison Hall, Room 136 Dr. Asadollah Hayatdavoudi

Learn more about our teaching labs and research labs.