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Mr. Bin Wang named Fall 2017 “Outstanding PETE MS Candidate”.

Mr. Bin Wang won the third place of the 2017 LAGCOE Graduate Student Paper Competition held in Lafayette, LA on October 26, 2017.


Mr. George Parapuram received an Honorable Mention for his Oral Presentation in the Student Session at the 21st Annual Gulf of Mexico SPE Deepwater Technical Symposium, New Orleans, LA on August 21st, 2017.


Mr. Raj Kiran received second prize in student paper contest at 19th Annual Gulf of Mexico SPE Deepwater Technical Symposium, New Orleans, LA on August 19th, 2015.

Mr. Sadiq Odubayo got second prize (MS Category) in  2015 SPWLA Annual Symposium Inaugural Student Oral Paper Competition held in Long Beach, CA on July 19th, 2015.

Mr. Chinedum Peter Ezeakacha received Sandy Purdy Research Gold Medal at AADE Fluid Technical Conference and Exhibition held in San Antonio, TX on 8–9 April, 2015.


Graduate Students bagged 10 prizes at Deep-water Symposium, New Orleans, August 5-7, 2014.

Graduate Student Chinedum Ezeakacha received first prize at 2013 LAGCOE Energy Student Paper Competition, Lafayette.


UL Graduate team won the first place for student presentations at GOM Deepwater Technical Symposium at New Orleans, August 21-22, 2013.