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Smart Oil Field Concentration

Starting Fall 2022, the Petroleum Engineering department is launching a new concentration to meet the new demand of the oil industry.

The oil and gas industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. Today, the process integrates a system of sensors, networks, and integrated operations that continuously generate and communicate data used to promote efficiency and disaster prevention. With input from industry professionals, alumni in the field, and data analyses, the college has developed a new concentration to prepare students to operate a smart oilfield. This concentration is the first of its kind in the nation which will address the student demand to meet employer needs.

The smart oilfield concentration will develop student’s skills and competencies by integrating the current PETE program’s sub-surface expertise with data analytics and machine learning for more cost-efficient oil exploration, production, and management. Smart oilfield will provide technical background and skills in coding, statistics, machine learning, and specialized software to provide training in automation, predictive capabilities, safety, environmental sustainability, and economic feasibility of oil and gas exploration operations. Graduates with a concentration in smart oilfield will possess the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to a more sustainable, safe, and environmentally friendly oil production.

The UL Lafayette Petroleum Engineering (PETE) program ranks among the top in the nation and is recognized across the globe. It is the only academic program in the U.S. providing education and training for students to demonstrate compliance with the International Association of Drilling Contractors’ Well Sharp Certification, an industry standard credential that ensures knowledge of cost and efficiency optimization and risk minimization during drilling operations. The new concentration in Smart Oilfield, will enable UL Lafayette to continually produces highly skilled, prepared, and future-focused petroleum engineers ready to meet the future demand for the oil and gas industry.

Degree Requirements:

The smart oilfield concentration in the Petroleum Engineering department has a total of 137 hours.  It adds courses in programing, statistics, machine learning, smart drilling, and other computationally intensive courses to the traditional petroleum engineering program.  It is designed to support new trends in exploration, production, optimization of supply chains, carbon sequestration, and other engineering applications.

More details about the concentration can be found in the 2022-2023 catalog.

The flow chart of the smart oil field concentration can be found here : 2022-2023 smart oil field concentration flowchart.