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CAD Control Systems facility tour

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Workstrings International Facility Tour

Students from UL's Petroleum Engineering program enjoyed an informative and engaging tour of the Workstrings Interna

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UL PETE Students attending IADC HSE&T Conference & Exhibition

Petroleum Engineering students from UL Lafayette attended the IADC HSE&T Conference held in Houston On February

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Big E Drilling Rig 4 Field Trip

UL Lafayette Petroleum Engineering students visited Big E Drilling Rig 4 on Friday, January 26th.  Drilling ahead at

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UL Lafayette Petroleum Engineering students went on a facility tour at CAD Control Systems on Friday, October 6th. BOP accumulator units, control systems, PLC controls, etc.  After an education that week on well control components, accumulator sizing requirements, and API Standard 53 with API 16D requirements, we connected the dots from an education in the classroom to the real world.