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Smart oilfield concentration

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Spring 2022 IADC WellSharp certification

UL Lafayette Petroleum Engineering students completed their IADC WellSharp well control certification this past week

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UL PETE Students Attending IADC/SPE Drilling Conference in Galveston

UL Lafayette Petroleum Engineering students attended the IADC/SPE Drilling Conference in Galveston, TX.  Day 1 inclu

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Starting Fall 2022, the Petroleum engineering department is launching a new concentration to meet the new demand of the oil industry.

The concentration aims at equipping petroleum engineering students with a stronger foundation and a better understanding of statistics and data analytics. Students taking this concentration will also learn a new set of computer skills such as programing and machine learning and will have a robust comprehensive exposure to some specialty petroleum engineering software.

More details about the concentration can be found in the 2022-2023 catalog.

The flow chart of the smart oilfield concetration can be found here : 2022-2023 smart oilfield concentration flowchart.