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UL Lafayette Drillbotics team qualified as top team in the US to the Drillbotics® international university competition

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The UL Lafayette Drillbotics team was selected as one of finalists and the TOP team in the US who will compete in the second and final round of the Drillbotics® international university competition by the end of May 2022.

Drillbotics® is an international competition for universities to design and build a small drilling rig  that uses sensors and control algorithms to autonomously drill a rock sample provided by SPE’s Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section (DSATS).

In the 2021-2022 competition, due to restrictions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, teams have two options: 

Group A teams will create a virtual rig and must use it to drill a virtual directional well.  Teams model the rig and its actions and responses.  Next they create automation and control algorithms similar to their physical counterparts.  Then they must model the bit/bha interactions with the wellbore while monitoring the performance of the drillstring and the rig.  Finally they bring all of this together to model the effects of drilling a directional well in this virtual setting.

Group B teams will design, build and operate a physical rig to drill a directional well autonomously.  This also means that teams must understand the drilling equipment, downhole dysfunctions, and mitigation strategies as well as how to build a control system with real-time algorithms.

The UL Lafayette Drillbotics team qualified as one of the six finalists from group B teams and the TOP team in the US. 

The qualified teams are ranked as follows : 

Group B:

1      Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway)
2      Clausthal University of Technology (Germany)
3      University of Stavanger (Norway)
4      University of Louisiana at Lafayette (USA)
5      Louisiana State University (USA)
6      Colorado School of Mines (USA)

More information can be found on the official competition website.

Geaux Cajuns!

Drillbotics Team members from left to right : Jake Anderson, Tyler Voisin and Nicholas Mascari.