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UL PETE Students Attended the 2021 IADC Annual General Meeting

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UL PETE Students Attending IADC/SPE Drilling Conference in Galveston

UL Lafayette Petroleum Engineering students attended the IADC/SPE Drilling Conference in Galveston, TX.  Day 1 inclu

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UL Lafayette Petroleum Engineering students attended the IADC annual general meeting in Dallas from Nov 3 - Nov 5. The IADC Annual General Meeting is recognized as the keynote conference for the drilling industry and provides ideal networking opportunities for participants. It features prominent speakers from industry and government.

In the conference, Randy Andres, our IADC well control instructor, was honored with the IADC Exemplary Service Award.

Left to right : Larry Schmermund (Smith, Mason, and Co.), Jake Anderson, Caitlyn Thompson, Nicholas Mascari, Tyler Voisin and Randy Smith (Smith, Mason, and Co.)