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AADE/IADC Monthly Meeting - Guest Speakers : Blowout Engineers

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UL Lafayette Petroleum Engineering AADE/IADC student chapters hosted Blowout Engineers at their monthly meeting  on Thursday January, 21st. An excellent presentation on a well they controlled last year in the Permian Basin.

- Conductor set at 90’.  Fresh water aquifer at 300’.
- Only a rotating head installed.  No BOP/diverter, choke manifold, or valves to shut the well in.
- Drilling ahead to 3100’, high pressure water sand encountered flowing at 54,700 BWPD.
- Flow into reserve pit, fresh water aquifer charged caused a blowout on a nearby water well.
- Leaking rotating head and flowline with H2S present evacuated rig floor.

How would you deal with the intense flow and unable to shut in to calculate the kill mud weight?  How would you kill the well?  Ask our drilling students – they now know.  A lesson learned once again to enhance their education.

Many thanks to Ricky Erwin and Brendyn Emerson at Blowout Engineers.