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CAD Control Systems facility tour

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Spring 2019 IADC WellSharp Certification

Ten out of ten UL Lafayette Petroleum Engineering students have earned their IADC WellSharp certification this past

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UL PETE students featured in the national IADC newsletter - Drillbits

UL PETE students featured in the national IADC newsletter, Drillbits, in the April 2019 Issue.The newsletter display

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IADC Corporate Visit to UL PETE

UL Lafayette Petroleum Engineering had a corporate visit from IADC on April 5th.  Mike DuBose – IADC VP,

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On Friday, February 8th, UL Lafayette Petroleum Engineering toured CAD Control Systems facility.  Accumulators, diverter control systems, closing units, PLC’s, etc. are some of the equipment that were covered in the tour. As the chair of API 16D, The engineering manager stressed strict adherence to API standards.  He also discussed the BP Deepwater Horizon event. Once again, an excellent opportunity for our students to experience the industry.