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Emerald Surf Sciences Workshop at University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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The Petroleum Engineering students, faculty and staff witnessed a great half day workshop on Monday afternoon (October 29th) on coiled tubing drill-out in horizontal wells conducted by experts from Emerald Surf Sciences (ESS).  ESS has redefined the post frac completions process with its proprietary FRCS units and live data systems which optimize coil tubing and workover drillouts.  A team of experts delivered two lectures on coiled tubing technology and demonstrated their leading edge technology for monitoring and managing completions fluid systems with the goals of maximizing efficiency and providing essential intelligent intervention metrics. A demonstration of the simulator flowloop was conducted afterwards where students got to observed real world applications and how efficient hole cleaning was achieved through the use of their technology. ESS also provided access to data for one of Dr. Seibi's PhD student to develop a mathematical model using CFD and data analytics towards his PhD degree.