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Dr. Diana M. Hernandez-Baez (PhD, MSc, Eng)


Dr. Diana Margarita Hernandez-Baez has extensive experience in Reservoir Engineering and Numerical Reservoir Simulation. With experience working on internationally recognized Research Centers from Industry and Academia such as Schlumberger Abingdon Technology Centre (AbTC) in England (UK), the PVT and Gas Hydrates Research Group from Heriot Watt University in Scotland -UK, the Fluids and Organic Geochemistry Group from CSTJF from TOTAL S.A. in France, and the Colombian Petroleum Institute - ICP from ECOPETROL in Colombia. She holds an Engineering Degree in Chemical Engineering from Universidad Industrial de Santander- UIS (Colombia), a MSc in Process Engineering from ENSGTI - UPPA (France) and a PhD in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot Watt University (Scotland-UK).

Dr. Hernandez-Baez recently joined the Department of Petroleum Engineering at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as an Assistant Professor. She is currently teaching courses in Reservoir Engineering, Enchanced Recovery, and Petrophysics and Formation Evalution. Her technical interests include integrated reservoir studies, enhanced recovery, complex reservoir characterization, sustainability technologies and alternative technologies.

Diana Hernandez-Baez, PhD

Assistant Professor
Madison Hall, Room 128B
(337) 482-6555

Dr. Hernandez-Baez Research Group

Research Interests

Enhanced Recovery

Focuses on Chemical Enhanced Recovery, Viscous Transport, Heavy Oil and Polymers. The different projects are oriented to develop chemical analysis, thermodynamic analysis, efficiency evaluations, and pilots, integrating experimental procedures and simulation technology.

Complex Reservoir Characterization

Focuses on Upscaling (Lab to Pilots), Relative Permeability Modelling, Core Analysis (Lab and Simulation), and Geomodelling.

Sustainability Technologies

Focuses on strategies, methodologies and projects oriented to measure and reduce the Environmental Impact of recovery and stimulation operations in oil and gas fields. Examples of these are Water Quality studies and CO2 Storage projects.

Alternative Technologies

Focuses on Gas Hydrates Production and Geothermal Systems.

Integrated Asset Modeling

Focuses in the computer modelling of the relationships that integrate the elements of a field development such as: the reservoir, wells and surface facilities, as a whole system.