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EPOCH Boost Plus Training with Shell

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This spring, selected students from the Department of Petroleum Engineering at UL received the opportunity to complete the EPOCH (Engineering, Process, Operations, Competence-Based, Hands-on) Boost Plus training program at Shell’s Robert Training and Conference Center located in Robert, Louisiana (March 20- March 22, 2017).This program consisted of a hands-on experience where students were able to take their knowledge from the classroom and apply it to the actual operations of producing oil and gas. At the training facility, these students connected with seasoned professionals and received a firsthand demonstration of equipment and processes that are involved with Shell’s oil production. Students were treated as Shell’s future engineers and were able to conduct simulations on live production equipment. This allowed the students to practice trouble shooting and test their critical thinking skills on realistic obstacles that are encountered in the field today. Students were able to sit as the head operator of production trains and simulate the process of producing oil. They were able to draw oil samples from their line of production and mock the role as the engineer of these operations. The hands-on practice that students received during this training, enhanced their overall experience and allowed students to get an insight on the purpose behind their studies as Petroleum Engineers. On the final day of training, students received a certificate of completion from Shell and this achievement can be considered a miniature internship that these students may include on their resumes. This program targets students from universities like UL and is constructed to obtain the needs within Shell by using its world-class facility to deliver real-life work experience and on the job training in a safe learning environment. The EPOCH Boost Plus training program with Shell is highly recommended for any future engineer that may be interested in this line of work and study.